Privacy & Tips

Using Liker is easy. You can simply browse to find the most popular content and users, or you can try to become a top-ranked poster in different categories (Democratic Party, Republican Party, Tea Party etc).

When making a post, you can choose to add a category and/or subcategory to it. This will allow other users to find your content when they search for that category in the trending feed and the rankings section. You can also choose "no category" if you don't wish to categorize your post.

In the TRENDING FEED, you will find the most recent and popular content on Liker. Even better, you can filter it by category so that you can find the hottest posts in each specific category.

In the RANKINGS SECTION, you will find the most popular posters on Liker by category. Feel free to add them as a friend or simply subscribe to their posts to receive them on your personal feed.

On the PERSONAL FEED, you will find a feed of posts made by you, your friends, and those you are following, in chronological order with the most recent posts first.

On the MY PROFILE page, you will find your own profile and posts. Make sure that you add a profile picture and fill our your info so that users can learn more about you.